The Flying Carpet




Head On


Ersol Finn


Shouldn't technology make our wildest dreams possible?

Bhangad SSP R&D certainly thought so when they set out to create their "Flexible Flight Platform" commonly known as their "Flying Carpet".

While attempting to keep the outward design as simple as possible Bhangad incorporated state of the art anti-gravitics, inertial dampeners, and power exchangers. The result is a semiflexible platform, controlled by a handheld remote, used in a number of roles.

Viewed mostly as a radical personal transport , the same basic product can be found in shipyards and warehouses galaxy wide hefting all varieties of cargo. In fact the board of directors thought this was the only purpose, realizing far too late that they'd been had by their own R&D division. Simple deception had convinced them that FFP meant Flexible Freight Platform, not Flexible FLIGHT Platform. Heads would have rolled if the thing hadn't sold so well.

The real marketing breakthrough was the Carpets inclusion in the classic 'Aldeberan Nights' as the swashbuckling hero's favored method of transport. That single movie made the Carpet an overnight success and has spawned legions of fans and admirers with their own personal Carpets.

Of course while most enjoy the Carpet as weekend recreation, others have modified theirs to perform far beyond factory specifications. While Bhangad's official line on such modifications is negative, no one can ignore the outrageous antics performed by the Sky Surfers of Cicerone Four. Nor the style of the Bhangad celebrity spokesperson, Ersol Finn (featured on his personal craft with covermodel Trinisha in the included promotional pictures).



"Sure it's dangerous, but what style, eh?"
Ersol Finn

"Banned this 'craft' should be! Mockery of safety allowed in our skies no more!"
Senator Fralen before the Cicerone high council


"It wasn't intended as a stunt flier and we can't condone or recommend it as one. In fact we'd like to point out the mortality rate of stunt Carpet riders and remind owners to operate their craft safely."
Bindy Bollom - Bhangad SSP Spokesperson