Iowa was cool once

A place to Grow? Like Grow What dude?

For the longest time Iowa's state slogan was "Iowa a place to grow" which served the state well considering it's varried meanings applied to crops and people. However it was eventually decided that it should be changed, possibly because Iowa couldn't take the ribbing from the Minnesotans about Iowa being a place to grow DRUGS. Heck maybe it was a government thing or just a bunch of old biddies getting into the whole political correctness fad. Whatever, the slogan changed, but no one could remeber the new one, so they decided to change it again, but when put to a vote quite a few people wanted the old one back, but they didn't get it... Such is life. Whatever, Iowa is no longer a place to grow. As you can tell by the icky colored grass and barren trees in this picture. I imagine that in a few years the whole state will either dry up into a mini dustbowl or sink back into the marshland it is supposed to be.

Or they could just pave it.

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