Pre Final Jitters
and how to defeat them...


I was having some heavy pre final exam jitters the other day mainly cause I'd gotten up too early and had given myself time to worry. Thankfully some e-mail iwth Pete and a trip to memepool got me thinking of sheep. Before I left for class I colored this picture in photoshop.. not a great job, but I was just killing time... and it helped a bit. I used nasty flourescent colors to mimic the ones i would have had to print this desin in if I were printing in on t-shirts on Saipan... icky eh?

Of course the real thing that calmed me down is best described in e-mail I sent Pete after the fact:
About 5 miutes before the final as everyone sat in the auditorium waiting (The teacher & TA seemed to be waiting on the clock even more than the students) I leaned back closed my eyes and had a perfect vision with which to dispel my nervousness. Picture a beautiful green meadow lined by giant trees. An ordinary white sheep is munching the long tender grass. a pair of curious dark eyes peer out from the forest. Sniffing the wind the forest creature smiles and trots over to the strange white animal. Then Wicket gets busy with bo peeps sheep.
I know... it's wrong. But just try not to smile while imagining an Ewok fucking a sheep.

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