Crystal Method
7 Day Tweekend @ The Quest

Tweek! Tweek I tell you!

Crystal Mehtod had always been sort of in the back of my mind as a good band, though I never owned more than one of thier single releases. Still I had several of thier songs on other compilations and when the opportunity presented itself to go see them live, I jumped at the chance.
Actually first I picked up thier current album - TWEEKEND and played it over and over and over cause it was so damned good. Basiclaly whipped myself up into a frenzy bfore the concert.
I'd only been to the Quest in Minneapolis Minnesota to see Lords of Acid / Praga Khan before and wasn't expecting the place to be wall to wall packed with people. But it was and it was great. I mean from the moment you walked in and were confronted with the sign warning of the extreme light show (those prone to epileptic seizure turn back now) and the warning that the show was being videotaped you kind of knew it would be good.
actually Uberzone started the show & was awfully good. Unfortunately a really bad DJ then kept the crowd... well "entertained" is the wrong word for the next hour plus - kind of wierd having clsoe to 2000 nearly pissed off poeple enduring lousy mixing... maybe it was for effect though, casue when TCM finally came on the crowd jumped up out of it's moody bloodthirsty funk and helped shake the building.

Now I'm not a thrashing in the crowd sort of guy & sat through most of the show in a corner seat on one of the funky couches on the balcony - couldn't see the band much except on monitors, and of course the stunning lightshow blaring up from the stage. (I imagine anyone staring at it for long would hvae sustaned retial damage - but probably felt it was worth it. The rest of the performance certainly was.

If you can go see them Do. if you don't have tiher CD's get them. The Crystal Method are great.

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