Drew Carey Show pals

Power Ranger Lightspeed Rescue Team

I've been watching too much Television...

How can any red blooded American watch too much television? Well maybe it's just me, but when you start dreaming about the shows you see everyday then maybe just maybe you've seen too much. For me the horror came full force in three dreams two of them featured a couple of people from the Drew Carey show and the third was the most frightening as I dreampt about being a Power Ranger.

I hate the dmaned power Rangers, and yet in my dream I wasn;'t just a power ranger I was one of the actors in the show... but like the others in it, we doidn't know exactly what we were filming untill they showed us what it looke dlike with effects and stuff at the end of teh dream... we were a team of mutant power rangers... which can easily be expained by the fact that Power Rangers is followed by X-Men in between two episodes of Digimon every afternoon... Argh.

At least in the Drew Carey related dreams I got to fly around a bit. although the forst one I actually got thrown off a cliff first... And thankfully Kate ( the main babe on the show) was in both. I mean if it had been Mimi or the pair of dumb guys... woah. I don' even want to go there. Kind of surprised I don't get Simpsons and Star Trek Dreams... sure I see the Drew Carey show twice a day, but I see the simpsons as much or more and a couple hours of trek every day... Though I don't dream much of Dr Who and I see more of that than anything else... OK so in one of teh Drew Carey dreams I was driving around in Bessie... but that's not that wierd is it?

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