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By no means a complete collection, these comprise some of my favorite links, including links to some of my other sites, though mostly to other people's sites... assuming other poeple made those sites... maybe they had thier cats make them or somthing, you never can tell.



  terror alert banana  


Cult of the Dead Cow

For immediate Stress releif
or try the following:


The Amazon Basin
Member Sffndude

And lets not forget...

Tenacious D

SFFN.COM - SFSN.ORG - SFSN.NET : three domains for my site dedicated to Iowa Public televisions Sci-Fi Saturday Night programming. Featuring Red Dwarf and Doctor Who, it's been on the air for a decade now and has shown many other nifty sci-fi shows.

My Lite Page - my personal homepage of links I use and abuse everyda

Bunkagrancha - my blog.. sheyah.

Klingon Freak Show Blog of a buddy.

Digital Parenting - another buds blog..

DrEvil & the fantasy project : a test account gone horribly wrong :)

Perverted Lust & Funkystuff : another side account horribly abused - you can see where gets it's "layout" from. A site I have been working on for years and years - what it lacks in style it makes up for in search engine rankings.

Winnebago Parts - aka,,,,,,

And a shout out to - the small town I grew up closest to and went to school in every day. If nothing else you should check out the boulder in Boulder Park, dumped there by a retreating glacier, it's one dang big hunk of rock.

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