Bellinkov Hornet

Jobel's Blackhawk
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Shelby Bellinkov is not a typical Oddjobber, relying on her artistic skill
to pay the bills. Shelby is a gifted sculptor and all around artiste.

Her specially designed ship - The Hornet, allows her to commute from job to job in style and, more importantly, is one of her favorie tools.

She frequents asteroid feilds searching for particular mineral formations which she then proceeds to sculpt, using the Hornets twin turbolasers as disturbingly powerful chisels. The BFG that sits under the belly of the craft is a particle weapon that she commonly uses for weathering techniques, though it's magnetic containment feild is what allows the Hornet to "grab" and manipulate such large rocks in the first place.

The main drive of the Hornet could also be considered a weapon, as it is photon based, and in belligerent mode can be used to cut it's own deadly swath, however it is rarely used in such a fashion.

Shelby Belinkov

Noted Artiste in fields of sculpture, metalworking and oil painting. Knowledge of asteroid feild conditions and a keen businesswoman.



"The rstoration of our most cherished cathedral could be trusted to no other."
Archbishop Mend

"Not the best in a firefight, but she's a real OddJobber, and thank goodness for that, I haven't painted in ages!"
Archibald Winter

"If you see this silly little ship butchering an asteroid, leav it the f*ck alone!"
Nurtal Vek - ExPirate