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Formerly an ore hauler, the Agar has seen it's share of asteroid belts - in fact that's where it's most at home.

Over the years the Agar has undergone some some changes making it quite adept at tracing down freeloaders trying to hide amongst the rocks. Reliying less on speed than brute force, the Agar has augmented sheilding and a small but formidable arsenal. While a pair of lasers might sufice in less hostile environments, the Agar has been furthur outfitted with plasma charged mass driver cannons and a pair of 300fw Turbolasers. The turbolasers are stowed for normal flight to reduce the chance of inadvertant damage. The Agar also employs a small pair of loop shunt gravity grapples for latching onto or repulsing objects up to twice it's own size - even without it's other weapons these make for a devestating battering ram effect.

Pilot Sven Hardy knows just how much damage his ship can take and is not shy about pushing it to the limit engaged in Oddjobber activities.

Essentially a conservationist, Sven endeavors to keep asteroid feilds clear of man made debris and has been quoted as saying "There's nothing more tranqil than rocks smashing rocks!"

Sven Hardy

Advanced nowledge of asteroid feild geology, economy, and tactics. Communications expert.


"You'd think it was an ore hauler from a istance, or untill it rips your ship apart with those massive turbolasers."
Gavrok - Ore pirate


"It's amazing how much rock there is in space and how few people want to talk about it. Entire economies are based on asteroid harvesting & when I want to compare notes, Sven is my go-to guy."
Toa Milfron


"No ship should be able to pound it's way through a nickel asteroid that large..."
Phadouk - former Ore barge captain