Dr. Burroughs Erg

Jobel's Blackhawk
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The Erg is a testbed for revolutionary energy conversion equipment created and only understood by it's pilot Dr. Jenna Burroughs.

While the Erg has few
offensive weapons, an old style laser lance and a pair of outdated mass drivers, it is still a combat capable craft.

The ships ability to collect and store any free or focussed energy in
it's vicinity make up for it's lack of offensive capabilities. Ancilliary gear
is based around sensor packages necessitating vast raw computing power.

Basically the Erg is a nerd you wouldn't want to get in a fight with.

Dr. Burroughs hopes, after sufficient testing, to pass her energy conversion system onto OddJobbers and through them all known civilisation. In exchange for sales rights and commission, OddJobbers currently supports Dr. burroughs research and development.

Dr. Jenna Burroughs

Brilliant scientific mind. Marine biologist. Not reccomended for negotiation or adjudication duties due to temper.



"She is a genius and with my help iwll revolutionize all known space."
Professor Venkmann

"One of OddJobbers greatest long term investments..."
Devas Monk - OddJobbers Oversight

"She looks sweet, but don't cross her or she'll drain your ships power & pop it like a tin can!"
Mistak Hur - ExPirate