Glamdring the Foe Hammer

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Enderin Moss is a former inhabitant of one of the strangest old world colonies on record, known for it's zealous religeous offshoot - Tolkeinism. Outsiders are rarely welcome though Enderin has many tales of wholesale genetic engineering and science
masquerading as magic. Indeed his own ships systems appear somewhat magical at first glance. Though compact, the engines of the Glamdring are far more potent than thier size would indicate.

The quad photon cannon mount is braced by twin lasers and a pair of rapid mass drivers, a second pair of lasers above the cockpit allow the Glamdring a full 180degree vertical firing window. Twin mini missiles on the wingtips are attached to multifunction EM emitters capable of scrambling circuitry
and opening small tears in teh fabric of space. Under the engines sits an accessory bay where a large moonbuster missile usually resides, though occasionally Enderin will outfit with an extra sensor package or other specialty payload.

Enderin has not completely left his past behind, though he has rejected
his worlds religion. He is an excellent storyteller and still a terror to most any alehouse.

Enderin Moss

Ace level pilot. Capable mechanic. Master and teacher of personal defense. Bard.


"Not necissarily the most efficient but certinly a worthy Oddjobber."
Devas Monk- Oddjobbers Oversight

"If you own, run, or enjoy a bar, you will do everything possible to keep this man outside it!"
Perdoc Noop - Bartender


"The blocade around our plaent, though impenetrable to us, was easily shattered by Enderin - our children will sing the song of it."
Bosros - Clapticus VI