Jonze Ursus

Jobel's Blackhawk
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Why would Oddjobbers need a freight hauler? Oh please, it's pretty obvious OJ isn't just about big guns and flashy fighters.

Gary Jonze is a freight jocky of great renown and high respect. Despite
lack of heavy armament, his Ursus seems to get cargo wherever it needs to go - in one piece and on time - if not ahead of schedule. Gary had the Ursus converted from an old Galconn hull, where it gets it's trademark "U" shape, but aside from a standard freight coupling, that's where the resemblance to known ships stops.

Overpowerd, heavily sheilded, and protected by extreem forms of EM countermeasures, the Ursus seems undergunned with a pair of turetted
mass drivers and two missile pods, but Gary firmly beleives the best offense is a good defense.

He also beleives in riding in style. The cab of the ursus features a full
controll and auto-nav suite, hyperbunk, food unit and coffee maker even his feline friend Hal has room to move around. Furthermore, when not hauling cargo pods, Gary has a custom living module, complete with bed, lounge chair 3d VT, full refressher, autochef, storage area and much more.

Gary Jonze

All around space jockey specializing in cargo hauling. Savy tointer/intra system commerce intracacies. Published archeologist. Acomplished electric guitar and bass player.



"When it absolutely positively has to get there - accept no subsitutes!"
Archibald Winter

"...and where the &@^%# were we supposed to find a decent bassist in the outer rim of Coldon? Oddjobbers hooked us up with Gary & the show went off without any beheadings! That cat can jam with us anytime!"
Drogo - Pherspheron Lobes

"We knew he had a load full of refined Ubu... we had him outgunned 20 to one... and I swear he'll pay for locking us up in this hellhole!"
Jerbr - Galcorps Barracks32 Inmate