Kip's Bluestreak
Kip's Bluestreak
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Carson Kipswald served several years in the actuarial branch of Thelonius-Brachman before his unique mathematical skills led to his commission with the Oddjobbers.

An outstanding accountant Kip expressed interest in learning to pilot starcraft. Taking rudimentary sim training in his spare time, Kip appeared to have a certain flair and a definite love for flying. On a whim he began practicing combat maneuvers. His sim scores increased rapidly approaching the top ten best Oddjobber scores on record.

Considering his progress Dewayne Kimball became his first mentor allowing Kip to pilot his Warhawk. Subsequent training missions proved that Kip did indeed have what it takes to be a fighter pilot.

Lacking a ship in which to enter active service, Kip began a unique series of monetary transfers that led to the creation of his own craft. Locating a Warhawk II was no problem, getting Vera's Garage to convert it to a IIz was the amazing part. Convincing OJC to allow him to fly it was easy in comparison.

Kip is now most often found commuting between planets in his erstwhile Bluestreak tagging minor bounties in-between solving corporate headaches.

Carson Kipswald
56 standard

Beta level pilot. Advanced Accountancy Skills. Grade 2 mathematician. Advanced managerial skills. Professional level gambler. Master of Origami.



"Without Zer Carson our entire civilization would have been sold into indentured servitude, now we prosper as never before."
- Gownaard of the Plaath

"...Maggifa trust few outsiders. Carson Kipswald is one with the Maggifa."
Father Maggifa


"If all accountant were this deadly there would be no accountant jokes."

"It should be no surprise that an accountant is as ruthless with his starship as he is with his figures."
- Potentate Finshkk