Lunk - a surprise package







Jheri Kel'nar gets a many odd glares regarding his personal spacecraft. Not that he minds. Growing up an Veridian immigrant in Hemogeny space Jheri was something of a fish out of water who learned the gentile arts of deception. Much like his ship, Jheri is never quite what he seems.

Once a decomissioned cargo tug, the Lunk has seen it's share of re-births. Jheri has tried to preserve some of the ships past by keeping some quite outdated gear... on the outside. In example: the twin pylon mounted deflector dishes speak of eras gone bye, however thier innards are state of the art devices cribbed from a GalCom Cruiser - they are capable of deep planetary resonance probes and a wide degree of matter/energy manipulation .

One of the Lunks trademarks are the oversized articulated engine pods. Jheri loves the raw power they provide though he has "detuned" them somewhat after an initial trial run ripped them clean off the fuselage. In fact Jheri has fine tuned every system on his craft himself. His skills have earned him a position among the OddJobbers TechCrew though he is most sucessful as a field agent.

Available for most techical duities, Jheri prefers exploring asteroid fields. His database of unique asteroid feild geography and general knowlege of said fields is second to none.

Jheri Kel'nar

Asteroid field specialist. Advanced sensor sytems technician. Good mechanic. Lousy gambler.



Despite outward apperances this man is an excellent technician. His skills allowed our people to escape the unfortunate destruction of Slivin Beta
Archduke Gerahanad

It looks like a hunk of decrepit junk, but unless you have a death wish, you shouldn't mess with the Lunk
Dwayne Kimball- OddJobber Pilot

Fourteen years we'd hidden in the Nhel Expanse... No one could find us. All the cops, all the best bounty hunters, no one!
Then Kel'nar came along...
Reg Block - Prisoner Galsec Veridian Correctional Facility


This ship was first assembled sometime in 1996 and has been through many revisions. The general shape with the twin prongs, protruding sensors on the belly and 4 old style jet engines has remained. The big engines were modified from a RoboRiders set and in the latest rebuild were rotated 90degrees attached with new articulation. The "arms" and quite a bit of detail are newer as well. a small detail missing from these pictures are the twin black hoses leading from the canopy mounted guns to the underside of the craft... oops :)