Winter's Wolf:

Wolf Pics soon...

Archibald Winter is the original OddJobber, yet in 200 years there have been none better.

Trading in favors, he founded the Starfarers Odd Jobs Association. Amassing a personal fortune he gathered a support staff and founded a reorganized operation: the OddJobbers Conglomerate. The original members were hand picked by Winter for their respective skills in planning, coordination, knowledge, ingenuity and pure intelligence but Winter is the best amalgamation of them all.

Building a fortune by aiding the unfortunate, Winter lives by the corporate credo "We'll do anything for a price". Surprisingly Winter now often takes cases more for the satisfaction of solving problems than for simple monetary gain. Consequently his reputation borders on near mythical status.

The Wolf, his personal starcraft, is held in awe by engineers across the known universe. It's power to size ratio is staggering thanks to pan-dimensional technology Winter acquired in his dealings with the dimension jumping Xtinum. The Wolf travels at a trans-spatial velocity putting conventional hyperdrive driven craft to shame. It's weaponry is likewise awesome in sheer power and finesse giving Winter the ability to Shatter small moons or simply vivisect them.

Archibald Winter
246 standard
Meta-cognative abilities, Ace level pilot, Diplomat, Guerilla, Marksman, Grade 3 Chef, Masseuse, Advanced Technical skills including communications, drive systems, weaponry systems, guidance systems, ect.

"A truly inspirational combination of man and machine that can solve your most difficult problems."
-High Lord Revnar


"For returning my daughter safely to my arms I am eternally grateful"
- Archon Vhind IV


"Never have I beheld such an awesome sight as the Wolf swooping down upon it's hapless prey..."
- Laureate P. Finstok


"Savior of our planet in it's greatest hour of need."
- Archon Clavius II


"Grevel Harkoth raided our operation for years nearly crippling our business... until we hired Winter. Now we are more profitable than ever!"
- Silvus Jom,
Silvus Systems