Blue Kang!

Blue Kangs are best

I've tried throughout Funkystuff to establish that I am a guy of dubious tastes... This image represents a couple areas of personal perversion for me :)

This pic is obviously a sexy lady in a rubber bodysuit with a funky wig... But only a Doctor Who pervert would draw the association to the Blue Kangs. Featured in the 7th Doctor Story "Paradise Towers", the Blue kangs were one of several all girl gangs inhabiting the towers spreading wallscrawl and being general nusinces to the Caretakers. Aside from talking funny and wearing wierd wigs they helped the Doc defeat the Great Architect and frequently burst into silly jingles - hence the "Blue kangs, Blue Kangs, blue kangs are Best!" motif.

Actually the Red Kangs were more to my taste but we make due with what we find on the internet eh?

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