Hey it's my dad!

no I dunno who the guy in the truck is...

I figure this was from 1995-96 on Saipan in the parking lot of a film developing place.
I guess I like this pic of my dad, so many George trademarks in one picture, the hair, the glasses, the cross(you can barely see that) the pen & stuff in the shirt pocket, the squint, about all that's missing is some Nicorette which could be in his mouth for all I know :)

Funny again noting changes on saipan... a few years later & there would have been a Coca Cla processing plant across the road. That was potentially important to me as I'm a Diet Coke addict and all the DC had been imported from Guam up till then and it didn't taste the same as domestic... of course the stuff made on Saipan tased about like the stuff on Guam... go figure.

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