I knew there was a reason I didn't play Diablo all those times Mike & Erik tried to get me to. It's insanely addictive, it took ovwr my life, and constantly threatens to do so again. I have escaped it's foul/rapturous clutches for close to two weeks now, but after making this page will have to play again.... it is that powerful.

Amazingly powerful for such an old game, but dang what a game. You get to be a Warrior Sorceror or Rouge that goues down through dungeons catacmbs caves and eventually right down into Hell to defeat the Dark Lord Diablo. On the way you have to fight off all sorts of nasty things like skeletons, zombies, demons, and all sorts of monsters I couldn't begin to describe.

Of course Diablo also has a sexist side... even though the Rouge is a female charachter... The Succubi are essentially naked big boobed babes with massive wings & leather boots - I hate that they have frequently distracted me to death... it doesn't help that when you kill them they land "butts up". Of course I really knew I had a problem when the barmaid in town started to turn me on... eeeek!


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