Digimon Madness


That little guy is Patomon. Patomon is a Digimon - a Digital Monster - one of the charachters in a cartoon of the same name.

I started watching Digimon in the fall of 2000 after hafing heard about it from Coyote on SFFN chat. He really dug Weregarurumon but to each thier own! The show is like many good cars, a Japaneese import. Sometimes the americanized script can be amusing, but the big laughs are usually in the cheesy things that are said or done on purpose. Many are Groaners, but some are actually funny. Whatever. In Digimon a group of kids (and later a second group of kids) are transported to a Digital World where they are the "DigiDestined" and have to save the place from a never ending stream of bad guys while learning all sorts of great little life lessons about freindship and trust and love and stuff. Anyway all the digidestined have a Digimon that is linked to them and can "Digivolve" into larger more dangerous forms. They all start out as eggs oddly enough. Anyway Patomon there digivolves into a big badass angel that actually takes out the first of the nastiest villans - that show was just on TV today as a matter of fact :) Other Digimon could be described as a giant Cactus with pink boxing gloves, a cyborg Tyranasaurous a flaming bird, a cute little cat with giant claws, a St. Bernard with a horn on it's head (who becomes the first "naked Digimon") a funny white walrus, a bird with abandanna.... and that's just some of the good guys... The bad guys are really wild, from little gohst looking things to rock monsters, slugs, big demon frogs, giant metallik sea snakes, a pupetteer, an eggplant, a cracked egg, and an Evil Digimon Emporer who is really a DigiDestined gone bad...

The neutral charachters are the funniest though... like TeddyMon and the Frigimon who are a giant teddy bear and a giant snow man... crazy stuff.

Did I mention that they all have stupid names for whenever they attack... they yell what they are going to do before or while doing it... like the cactus has a needle spray the little dinosaur has pepper breath, Patomon has the Boom Bubble (it comes out his mouth thankfully)... and some are so incredibly stupid like the "Rosetta stone" attack that sends this big hunk of rock hurling at the bad guys... talk about mega cringe time. But Still I watch. Weekdays at 3 & 4:30 and weekends whenever possible.

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