Sanity Check

A while back, I came home from an all night party at Mike place... maybe it was Pete's birthday party, I dunno... I probably shouldn't have been driving, but isn't that what country backroads are for?

Anyway, when I got home I thought I saw these two dogs on my porch. then I went up to the house and these two dogs were all slobbering on me. I was in no shape to cope with dogs that shouldn't have been there, so I went to bed.

A few hours later I got up & wondered if I had actually seen dogs on my porch... Yep, there they were. Big friendly dogs. So I pet em' for a few minutes and took a couple pictures, because I still didn't beleive they were there & wanted proof. Eventually i began to realize that they weren't figments of my imagination and I had been "dog bombed"... somone had dropped them off... or had they? Normaly dog bombs are female dogs & both of these were males. Very friendly playfull, even though I don't like dogs much I was enjpoying them being around, dogs.

Of course they hung out all afternoon as I mowed the lawn and trimmed. But then after closing the garage door, they were no where to be found. I haven't seen them since and began to wonder even more wether they were real or not. I mean I had pictures, but... what if the pictures were of my porch and lawn. I didn't get the pictures developed for the longest time.

Thankfully the dogs did show up on the developed film. and here they are to prove they really did exist and I'm not insane. Unless of course they were like 3d hallucinations that show up on pictures... yeah...

Tail wagger unit one.
Slobber master unit 2

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