How I remeber Saipan


Ya know I lived on a tropical island for a few years and honestly didn't much like it. Of course the Island was Saipan. I've heard it's changed since I've been there but this is a good example of the types of things I will always remeber about the place.
Here we have a picture near the islands dump. Not of the dump itself... not really. This is just one of the places where people who coudln't be bothered to go all the way to the dump dropped thier stuff. That is if they didn't drop it off the main road on the beach. (Yes, I actually watched a couple in a big car pull up to one of the beachside parks and unload a trunkload of unbagged grabage about 5 feet from a completely empty garbage can).
Actually the dump was always a souce of amusement to me. #1 it was between the main tourist town and the hotels where the tourists stayed. So on thier way down the pitted road to town the tourists got a senic view of the dump. #2 It frequently caught on fire. This was especially nice at night. #3 When the govt decided to move the dump (or maybe just make a 2nd one) on the less populated north end of the island they put it very close to and easily viewable from one of the big tourist stops- Suicide Cliff. I can only imagine the # of japaneese tourists that have beautifull glossy photos of thier families on the cliff with the dump in the background.

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