Yeah, as amazing as it may seem I do have freinds.
(Click on the pictures to enlarge)

Apparently Danny took this picture of Brian Dave & Ambr...
It'd probably be a tad better if you could see Ambr ;)
From her birthday party, this is Ambr & me ol' pal Brandon... Ambr & Brandon
Here's a pic of Joanna & Carrie taken at Dave's wedding reception.
I wish I had the pics of Joanna from New years, she makes one hell of a devil woman!
Joanna & Carrie
This little tiny pic is of Pete from back when RCI had a webcam...
Sure looks busy don't he?
This is his brother Mike after playing RAMPAGE a little too long... MIke
A group of us went road trippin' to go see Dave Mathews band, Blues Travveller & Black Crows in 94? maybe 95... it's blurry... this was on the way back. The group goes to HORDE
Here's a picture from my pad back in 92' or so with Dave, My arm, Mike and Ambr An old party
This may be the same night, who knows... More old party
A pic of the red lamp above the beanbag... it was always fun to lay on the beanbag & prop your feet up next to the swirly poster.... oOoOoOoOo.... The red light

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