My first lavalamp / handwarmer

I dig lavalamps...

I've had one for quite some time now. It's got a nice plain black base, yellow liquid with red lava... it has provided endless amusement and is usually rigged to come on when my computer is running. I have noticed that it provides just enough background distraction to actually let me focus on any work I am doing.

It has also helped me out in the past... once when the heater in my house was out the lavalamp was the only thing that kept my fingers from freezing during a very cold March. Imagine typing a few sentences then holding onto the lavalamp for a while... it was odd. But such is life.

Anyway, after moving to Milwaukee I decided it was time for a second lavalamp. I eventually found a store with a wall of lavalamps and settled on another black base but this time with blue liquid and yellow lava. Having played diablo so much it was a tough choice as the one with clear liquid and blood red lava caught my eye too. But I'm glad I got the blue/green one. It's cool. he picture came from




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my second lavalamp