it's the MAIN MAN!!!!
Die Santa Die!!!

Yeah I like comic books. One of my old favories was Lobo. Especially the Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special.

Lobo is the badd ass of badasses. He started life by killing everyone else on his home planet. He likes to generall kill maim and frag people. He also has a herd of space dolphins that he calls his fishies and never ever goes back on his word.

Most of the time Lobo works as a bounty hunter and in this special issue he is contracted by The Easter Bunny (representing most minor holiday avatars) to kill Santa Claus. Santa is not of course the jolly old fellow of legend but Cris "the Killer" Cringle who has enslaved elves for toymaking and other perverted purposes.

The penguins are my favorite part of the whole issue. They eventually become a small gang of miscreants and hooligans flocking around the fragtastic Lobo and even help him bomb the houses of all the "nice" kids on santas list.

The carnage unleashed is quite pleasant.

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