Lords of Acid & Praga Khan @ The Quest
Swing Set Tour - Minneapolis, MN 8 5 2000
(Images from the Lords of Acid & Praga Khan Swing Set Tour picture pages. GO see MANY more!)

What an interesting concert experience...
What a lousy understatement...

Started the day with a fried modem, confusion about departure details and a vague sense of dread built over the afternoon. On the road to Minneapolis things were looking up, juices were flowing & fun was to be had. Then my truck decided it was payback time. Mike & I did miss hanging out on the bands bus, but we made it to the club and somehow back home again afterwards.

Here! Proof! Mike in line just about to enter the club
Where's Mike?

Brandon caught the tail of a whirlwind.
Her name is Ester...
The Stunning Ester!
This is her on-stage providing lead vocals for Praga Kahn.
... and this is me Drooling :P

Your mission is to go witness the spectacle of Praga Khan and Lords of Acid yourself!


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