Orbital @ The Quest


Seeing Orbital perform live has been on my list of things to do before I die for perhaps the last 9 years. I've beena fan since thier very first album and nothing could kepe me from seeing them live this year. Not even relocation from Milwaukee to North Iowa... Actually when I first found out about Orbital doing a US tour I thought it was some sort of sick joke. After all I was two days from packing up all my belongings and moving 500 miles away from Milwaukee when gee look who'se playing in Milwaukee on the 19th of the next month - Orbital. I inhaled 9call it a reverse squeal if you must) for about 30 seconds, then bgan swearing. Sometimes life just likes to punctuate it's madness you know - like some bastard is sititng behind the scenes laughing when your hopes & dreams get squished. Stilkl after about ten minutes of research I discovered that Orbital was also playing in Minneapolis at the Quest on the 18th - life was once again good.

Now I don't normally attend events alone and instantly had to find someone to go with me - first to mind was my old buddy Pete - hell he introduced me to Orbital in teh first place & we've beene in many illegal brainstates listening to thier music over the years - but what did he say when i mentioned it "Uh no".... WHAT!?!?!! My lifes mission quickly became making him go - cause I knew he would forever kick himself if he actually didn't go. Actually convincing him was easy & I got help from his wonderful wife (who sadly coudln't attend herself) so that was excellent. Kind of hoped Brian would go as he'd gottenme to go to Crystal Method a couple months ago 7 I figured he;d like the contrast - but he's had other life things popping up lately. surprisingly Erik actually wated to go - nd a good thing to as we also finagled him into driving :)

The Show? Wehat can I say - orgasmic? that might be the best word... it certainly wasn't the kick in the face The Crystal Method had been - more of a nice hard brain massage. I as surprised at the crowd - figured the place would be half empty, but the downstairs was packed & the balcony had a ring of people around teh edge. The picture on this page is aproximately 3 feet from where I was standing for the whole show - great spot actually. i should have known the crowd would't be normal "club people" indeed I'd call most of them (and me) aging ravers & IT professionals. In line outside we listend to two groups discussing computer and router snafus... crazy stuff. I'll bet 85-90% of the people in that crowd actaully set thier vcr clocks. But what a polite scene too. The old rave vibe was in the air, glitter & glowsticks down on the danceflooy... amazing.

The sets they played were awesome. The improvisation was outstanding and even the couple of little goofs were great. Just that there were two guys down there a smidge older than myself not only playing the music, but playing with it, and having a good time doing it. The second shorer set consisting of Impact, Dr Who & Chime was truly next levle excellent. yes I am a nerd - I was just happy that I didn;'t pass out when they got to the Dr Who song... oh lordy my knees were weak :)

Anyway it was all around great, I think everyone had a good time & if you get the chance go see them live, thier skill is amazing... if you can't see them live, get some of thier CD's I reccomend the Yellow & Brown albums (thier first two) and The Altogether thier latest. The other albus are great too, but those three are the schinitz.

At the veryyu least visit LOOPZ and checlk out the 2001 tour page - especially the Quest night and see the guy who Pete bought a shirt from (the one in the Middle)

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