Wing Commander Prophecy
sure it's not exactly cutting edge gaming, but I like it...

here's me about to get pasted in the traning simulator
Actually I'm a Wing Commander Nut...
Got hooked on the very first one, the 2nd was OK, the third was a letdown along with Armada and Flight Academy, i didn't even bother with IV.
Prophecy is much better just because it's back to basics butt kicking, it reminds me most of the original game.

Of course the best Wing Commander game bar none is Privateer. Privateer 2 was again a bit of a let down, but the whole premise of flying through space blasting the bad guys and making money was a gas.

I'm gonna have a spaceship someday...
but hopefully I won't have to battle alien hordes - I'm not THAT great a pilot ;)


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