Back in the day I used to view a lot of souce... I always found amusement when I would find special messages hidden in the source of a web page instead of just the regular "I made this, don't steal it, if you steal it 'll sue you"

So for the last major update I made to I included a few little comments of my own...

These are my favorites... and reminders that there's at least some left in half a wit.

<!------------------- Spam spam spam spam ------------------------->
<title> </title>
<!------------------- spamity Spam ------------------------->

<!------------------- Hold the map with the little Arrow pointing up... ------------------------->
<!------------------- Or ask directions ------------------------->

<!------------------- user freindly... sometimes ------------------------->
<!------------------- We love you... we really do ------------------------->

<!------------------- it's raining it's pouring... ------------------------->
<!------------------- cats & dogs, pigs in a blanket ------------------------->

<!------------------- If you build it they will come ------------------------->
<!------------------- if they come, you can sell them T-shirts ------------------------->

<!------------------- Yummy Yummy source! ------------------------->
<!------------------- Burp! ------------------------->

<!------------------- I am your father Luke ------------------------->
<!------------------- Who'se more foolish? The fool or the fool who reads his source? ------------------------->

<!------------------- Join the cult of Jack today... ------------------------->
<!------------------- You are not worthy to worship the great Guru Wilcox ------------------------->


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