Super Huey!

Pissing on the Rotor?
Back in the days when Commodore 64's roamed the Earth, I had a few favorite games like "Dino Eggs", "Racecar Destruction Set" and "Attack of the Mutant Camels for Space", but "Super Huey brought gaming to the next level... sort of. You see at the time there was no way i could play the game alone, too many keyboard commands + a joystick lead to many cashed hueys. Thankfully my ol' buddy Dave & I figured out THE way to play the game. One man on the keyboard one on the joystick. This was aided by the unique set up in my dads home office where the "copilot" would sit at the computer & stare at the monitor and the "Pilot" would sit on the couch and watch the gamne on the TV (Commodore sx-64 rocked).

The only problem that seemed to arise would be when one or the other of us would have to take a whizz break... hence the phrase "I gotta go piss on the rotor".

There now you know.

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