Terrorism Tuesday...


After havinga particularly pleasant night of sleep I was woken up by some guys fiddling around in the hallway. Then getting online received an E-mail from H telling me to turn on my TV. So I did and the first thing I heard was something about a declaration of war against the "terrorist actions" followed by pictures of the World Trade Center Twin Towers getting hit by planes, burning, and collapsing.


It's only been a couple of hours since it happened, and right now reports are still coming in. Apparently there have also been crashes at the Pentagon & one at Camp David. The scary part IMHO is that the planes appear to have been hijacked and crashed full of passengers. actually right now there appears to be another transcontinental flight that has been "lost from contact" best guess is that United Airlines 175 has also been hijacked and will come own in less than happy shape... poor bastards.

This makes the second Terrorist attack I've seen on TV. The first seemed even more surreal as I was watching int on a TV at the Subway on Saipan. That was the Oklahoma Fed Building. "Terror in the Heartland" they called that one.

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