god bless the
the U?

Been a couple months since I've added any Funkystuff so I'll pick up somewhere near to where I left off - the Terrorist actions of 9-11-2001.

A lot has happened in the world and many subtle changes have taken place in even this backwater part of the country. I'm speaking of North Iowa where I once again reside...

Aside from strange gas prices, some general paranoia, and gossip about military action, North iowa seems most changed to me through it's trapings of patriotism. Flags are everywhere on cars trucks homes buildings - even on combines working the fields.

And of course patriotic slogans abound on billboards such as this one at the KFC/Taco Bell in Clear Lake Iowa (yep, I'm picking on Clear Lake again).

Personally I wonder if Osama really exists - I'm prone to flights of imagination after all & got to thinking about how maybe he's really a manufactured person - an unreal figurehead/scapegoat. Silly I know.

Still someone has to pay.

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