Chillin' at the
Very Large Array

A while back some pals of mine & I took a good old fashioned Road Trip in a motor home... The plan was to get to Las vegas and back in like 2 weeks. And that was the whole plan. Of course once we got on the road all sorts of interesting places happend into our path. My favorites were probably Carlsbad Caverns, The Grand Canyon & the VLA. The Pained Desert / Petrified Forest, White Sands & the aerospce museum there, Roswell, a cinder cone I never got the name of, Hoover dam twice at night... And we did make it to Vegas. Lot of time spent on the road and a lot of great scenery the whole route. A couple good rainstorms, one washed out road, a near car accident near the grand canyon, a small typhoon south of Denver and the worst hottest nasty humid weather? Back in Iowa where we started from. Crazy stuff.

Seems like I didn't take pictures of a lot of things, though I have some "Blair witch project"-esq video from Carlsbad and Vegas and snippets on the road... Someplace I even have an audio tape of that wierd assed noise we heard in the desert one night.

Anyway, standing under one of those dishes at the VLA when it moved was one of my favorite moments.

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