Furry Fury!
Aggedor.. more like Aggedork

Furthur proof that Doctor Who monsters from the 70's were verry cheesy.

Not that any more proof of that was needed, but I had to put this silly pic of Aggedor, a supposedly frightening monster, somewhere.

Heh, looks more like some derranged furry who started with an ape suit, crossbred it with ALF and stuck a rhino horn on for good measure... a Deranged Furry anyway on a wild debauched yiffing streak no doubt.

I should get back to work...

But that would be productive. besides, somehow this has me wondering a couple things. Like, I wonder if there is afetish out there where poeple dress up as thier favorite aliens... no not Star trek Fans... I mean "bug Eyed Monster" type aliens like Aggedor there, not "I stuck something on my forehead & got a cool wig, I'm an alien!" aliens...

...if there were, I'm sure some of the Dr Who monsters would get represented... like the Axons - prime cadidate for Hentai Tentacle Pr0n there... Zygons, Silurians, Nimons, Vervoids, Yeti, Ice Warriors, the Monoptera and Zarbi, Monoids, Sensorites, Hemovores... The list goes on...

Ok... I think I'm gonna have bad dreams now...Zarbi shagging Vervoids... AGHHHHHH!!!!!

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