>-+ purPLE MONkey +-<


very small + 12 inches = that??

I see you, a devious Lobo, and then there's him. He's just all, 'I'm gonna rip off your head and poop down your neck." n stuff.

Are you done yet?

No, I'm just not done making purPLE MONkey you see...

That's kinda hard to suck through, maybe we should cut the end off.

that's creepy.

look at that you got a spot of butwipe on my arm

I'm just getting it off my finger


it's in the brain faze


what do you see in the wax?

I see a face, and he's like puking out blood or something. Like a gargoile I think. I'm scared. I'm not right.

very strange.

It was on my machine when I woke up saturday morning.

hurry the fuck up


Still see the same thing in the wax?


do you see it?


uh-hu? woah

is that odd?

that's cool.

Hey pete come here and look at this.


X-purPLE MONkey

AAAAAAA it was stuck on my arm

there's blood on here

Mike what being has blood of hash

see these marks on his back?

I've been doing studies with the government.


at least that's the way it sounds to me.




I don't not remember!


furvuk you!




oh like glaceirs

yeah. exactly like glaiers pete.

like they are not cold. or large. And their made of plasic.

yep. Just like them glaciers!

oo boy.


Ok. I'm over here for a reason.

pretty much,


we should take pictures of this shit.

I wonder if other


Dave needs a lava lamp.

I will Save Dave with a Lava Lamp.


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