1 Way or Another...

I'm over here... The Way

Playing around with Reason again and came up with this 2 & a half minute clip I'm calling 1way.mp3
Mainly an excuse to use multiple delay settings on multiple devices. While pleased with the result ing drums and bass,
I had to put a sample in, and for a change sampled... myself.
Ah Narcissim at it's finest.
This "song" features music by me speaking the above text translated from the Tao Te Ching, and some other gibberish...
Actually blew a wad of time trying to run the samples through a vocoder & finally realised that wasn't getting me anywhere and went on to arranging the patterns into something that would demonstrate the wierd delays. And to thinkI only blew 2-3 hours fiddling around with it :)
Also here's 1way-off.mp3 which is the same song with all the delay lines shut off. The drums definitely suffer for it.

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