Funkystuff 2: Return of the Irrelevant

The Original Funkystuff got closed down due to bandwidth and hard drive usage issues... basically I abused my account until the ISP it was on Told me "No More". Of course that was before a posting of the Muppets Mahnamahna video (which in all fairness I had forgot was even there) got discovered by some foreign Blog and the traffic brought the ISP's T-1's to a grinding halt...
But hey, Funkystuff 2 is on a completely different server in the hopes that it will continue to bring you things that I think are strange, disturbing, amusing, or simply somewhat odd.

The Bricktestament, Lego abuse for fun and prophet.
The Joy of FARK  -  Lego Terrorists???  -  Only YOU can start Forest Fires
Yeah I like Vikings...  -  Yet Another Pervert  -  Catwoman... ooooooo....
Beets? Sugar beets? Really! - A silly rant on closing tags in HTML
1 Way: another song type thing - Yep, it's a Drunk Nun on a Tractor
The Wit And Wisdom of Geroge W Bush: A tribute of sorts
The motivational comment of the new millenium: Put Yo Asscrack N It!
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WTF? Turdsmacker!
Obviously I was having some Issues back on 4-24-06
probably shouldn't link to Kermit, Wonka, or Cheech... but what the hey...
They invaded the rest of the intrawebs, and finally made it here - Lolcats
Donuts for Joel
My tribute to Zardoz via Infinite Hasslehof


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