Interesting effect or horrible error?


At first I wondered if I were clicking where I should not, as entire paragraphs of text on a popular movie news site I visit started to change shape and color. And then, experimenting I discovered it was only occuring on part of the page.

It took a bit of digging but it turned out to be a case of interesting style sheet settings and an unclosed <a> tag.

Unclosed tags... I thought not setting your <body bgcolor> was sad enough, but now we're back to unclosed tags... How long have web pages been around? Isn't the whole POINT of HTML to use opening and closing tags to define page charachteristics?

Me, I blame Microsoft. If thier web browser didn't ignore unclosed tags the way it does, then it would hold lazy web developers acountable for stupid little mistakes like not closing thier tags.

Oh, and just in case you've clicked on any of the words on this page, you will see the effect that a silly unclosed tag can have...
Slightly Jarring Eh?

Oh, excuse me, you can't see this "effect" if you are using Microsoft Explorer.
I either A) pity you for using such a product, or B) think you are getting exactly what you deserve for not realising you are perpetuating the problem.

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