Jobel's Blackhawk

Jobel's Blackhawk
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> Jobels original WarhawkII <

Capatian Leviticus Jobel "retired" from SpaceCorps Central to quite a few raised eyebrows.

One of the Corps premier fighter pilots, Jobel had beleived himself to be a career man, having worked through lower ranks elevated his flight status on a path to no doubt become a Marshall. However his discovery of a widespread conspiracy within SpaceCorps soured his outlook.

The Conspiracy sought to recruit him, but Jobel decided to fight the corruption. The death of his best friend and lifelong wingmate left him with less reason to fight. In short order he fought his way into the outer rim, escaping with his life and personal Warhawk II.

Jobel was not on the run for very long before being tracked down and recruited by OddJobbers Team Gauntlet. OJC keeps a list of potential recruits, Jobels availability was noticed imediately. Assurance that OJC would allow him to accept or decline individual missions and still make a decent living sealed the deal.

Jobel brought his skill and dmaged Warhawk II into OJC service and has been an active and reliable agent ever since.

Leviticus Jobel
29 standard

Ace grade starfighter pilot. Pilot trainer. Military background yeilds insights into Corps tactics and much supressed knowledge. Skilled hand to hand combatant master in several armed and unarmed methods.



"Nobility trapped in this universe of ours. You could almost feel sorry for the guy..."
Timpos - Benefactour of Droud

"A Corps traitor guilty of the deaths of no less than 20 fellow fighter pilots and the brutal murder of his own wingmate."
Cpt. Lc Finch - Corps Information Regulation Division

"Jobels Hawk was horribly damaged and brought to Vera's Garage for repair. Unhapy with standard Warhawk II design, Vera herself re-designed it into a much deadlier craft."
Morgan Davies - Oddjobbers Engineer Corps