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The Gauntlet heavy bomber is one of the most devastating craft currently in the OddJobbers stable. A completely custom craft designed by it's operators and commissioned by Winter after a particularly rousing sales pitch, the Gauntlet has exceeded all expectations. Even the most boastful ones.

Conrad Etian is an excelent if somewhat chilly pilot with a lifetime of intrastellar combat knowledge and experience. A product of the Tendai Military Conglomerate, Etian purchased his commision decades ahead of his peers and refused promotion into the Tendai ruling caste. Etian has been branded "the most dishonorable coward, traitor to the ideals of the people, and breaker of sacred bonds" by the Tendai, take that as you will.

Weapons speciallist Grigg is the youngest of the team and thinks quite highly of himself and his well earned reputation. Born into an outer rim pirate clan Grigg apprenticed under several of the most notorius thieiving bastards in free space. His technical knowledge and practical skills with weaponry of all makes and models made him a well sought after commodity and earned him a small fortune which he used to buy his way out of prison.

Engineer Spiner had a hand in every phase of the Gauntlet from first conception to the final outfit, he understands the craft at a molecular level. Spiner left engineering school before receiving any offical degrees to do pricy freelance work beyond Oberon in the Fringe.

Austin Lynch is the leader of Team Gauntlet it's bombadieer and tailgunner. The Gauntlet was Lynches idea. His connections and accumulated intelligence led to the gathering of the crew and funds for the concept while also finding him unique access to OddJobbers. In recompense for the cost of development and initial operation of the Gauntlet Lynch indentutred himeself and the rest of the team and thier talents to oddJobbers for five years or until the bill was paid. The inclusion of his vast network of connections and unique information clinched the deal.

Team Gauntlet re-purchased thier indentures slightly a year after the Gauntlets first launched. They purchased the Gauntlet itself before another year had past. Enjoying many benefits they have no plans to leave the service of the OddJobbers anytime soon. Spiner and Grigg are valued consultants to Veras Garage. Lynch has also become OddJobbers premeir recruiter and talent scout.

Team Gauntlet
Avg 44standard

Ace grade starfighter pilot. Military backgrounds. All grade weapons specialist. Advanced systems specialist. Grade A diplomatic,, commerce and economy skills. Advanced information gathering skills.



"It was probably the slickest sales pich I'd ever heard. I honestly couldn't say no. Even if the whole Gauntlet thing had failed Lynch was worth his weight in silver tounge alone."
Archibald Winter - OddJobbers

"Spiner grew up in the Fringe, we all did. We all had to. when you're under constant siege with no hope of rescue he;s a good man to have around."
sgt. Brockmann - Oberon Enforcers


"They thought the world off Etian, he was scheduled to begin leading the re-colonization of GvHillgness though he had not been informed of this honor.'The most dishonorable coward, traitor to the ideals of the people, and breaker of sacred bonds' indeed."
Endail Pitir "Simple coward"

They bought Grigg out of Prison, it caust his own fortune and much more. He was worth twice that much... if only I had arrived a week sooner...
Cap'n Fooms - Rim Pirate Extroirdanaire