What is OddJobbers???




In essence OddJobbers is more of a guild than an organization, consisting of individuals who bring thier talents to bear on problems... for a price.

You could call them mercanaries, but they are so much more. Besides they hate being called mercanaries, or bounty hunters, or smugglers - you get the idea.

Founded by Archibald Winter to help out his fellow spce tramps, there is no way he could have forseen what OddJobbers would become... Or is there - Winter is over 200 years old after all.

I suppose once you build enough Lego spceships, you start to make up stories for them. Well OddJobers resulted from my need to reconcile the divrse craft I'd built, and it actually gives me an excuse to make even wierder ones. After all, OddJobber isn't all about starfighters or military craft. I imagine they get more money for orchestrating political rallies, catering showbiz events, and charting asteroid feilds than they do just catching bouty heads.

Still it's the starfighters that are my favorite ships and the space exploration ideas that seem to be my favorite stories. Hopefully I'll be able to get a few of those stories onto this page someday soon. After all each of these individuals has a past, a present and a future. There's bound to be a lot of intertwining and even more solo acts. Still it should be fun to get it out of my head!

As of september 2002 all ships shown on these pages are still put together, though the newest of them ( the Ursus, Jaf & Valerie) were built in 2001. 2002 has been about learning others building techniques by interpreting their designs (Troubador,
Zadkiel, Raziel & Groundounder). Currently I have several half built ships which may someday be complete, but most likey will be netirely re-worked.

T.R. Sammis II


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