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Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies - some sort of fantasy aircraft dogfighting game, a meme popped up on Lugnet with over a dozen aircraft being built, so I had to join the fun. Creating these fantasy warbirds is a real gas :)

The Kestrel was built consecutively with the Coranado, but the Coranado received a major rebuild afterwards. Originally I wanted a twin engine craft and had a lot of red curvy slopes... When finished, the front reminded me of the P-38 which is why the original version wound up with a snoot full of guns. I liked the idea of having a female pilot all dressed in black for it as well. I'm sure she has an interesting backstory...
The revision of the craft requited a rebild of the nose to accomodate a second set of click hinges to get rid of a bad case of wing droop. The rudders also received a makeover going from a strange "V" type to a more traditional model. Other small change resulted as well. All in all it's a tad beefier and can now be picked up and wooshed about with out the wings flopping down.
C Bar One
The Coronado Bar One is a rebuild of my first Crimson Skies aircraft - the Coranado. After some extreemly useful critique on Lugnet I wound up with a much beefier craft, and honestly it's still my favorite. It sits perched on my computer monitor reday to launch off and defend it's domain at a moments notice. 6 Guns, 6 rockets and some underwing pods give it some serious attitude.
It even wound up with a little bit of a history :)
The Nighthawk XF12A ranks as my outcast ship... when I introduced it to Lugnet as the XF12 I wondered if it wasn't just plain too futuristic for Crimson Skies... After some more good criticism I wound up doing a rebuild. Unfortunately despite what I felt were some pretty stiff changes like re-arming, altering the landing gear, removing the rudders and adding new wingflaps, the pictures I took don't show much of a difference. It is truly a wierd little bugger, but definitely swooshable. It will probably be the first sacraficed to the parts gods.
The Tomahawk fi/08a wound up as a summer weekend project started by ripping apart some stock sets and thinking maybe I should get back to building. Wound up with a fun little ship with some nice features. The rotating canard and the oddly folding landing gear are my favorites. Actually the tail of the craft took several re-builds before I was satisfied, and after thinking over yet more Lugnet criticism I changed up the rudders to a more conventional design. Also changed the color of the underwing cannons to make them show up a tad better in pictures.
Comparison Pictures I thought it would be cool to takes some pictures that compare the planes to one another. Hopefully more will follow.
Crimson Skies My Crimson Skies Brickshelf Directory where you can view all of the above and more floatsom...

Following are Links gleaned from Lugnet and Brickshelf that provided the inspiration for my attempts.

Crimson Skies the game also has it's own site... Check it Out!

And here's a search I did on lugnet with what peeps are saying about these crazy contraptions

Black & Stylish twin boom

A twin boom trimotor

Another twin boom

A bomber with twin pusher props.. yeah...

A pretty large one

This one is a little... truncated, but it has folding landing gear

the Tornado was the one that really made me want to build one of these things...

Bobcat -actually hadn't seen this one before, love the engine.

These are neat too

Another twin pusher - with canards!

This one is a bit futuristic for me, but it's a nice piece of work

And this one is goofy, but no one else tried a water-plane

And here's one from 2001 that I just noticed, a pusher biplane no less!

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