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The uniting theme behind most of my lego creations is OddJobbers - sort of mercenaries, mainly "people who get things done". Roughly based on Robert A. Heinlein's classic "We Also Walk Dogs" which discusses a general services firm, that will provide any legal service you request, and are just a phonecall away.
However, OddJobbers streches the definition of "legal" from time to time - or for the right price.

P-38 Lightning Space Contest

Jon Palmer over at had the GREAT idea of starting a .space building contest to make spacecraft inspired by the classic WWII era P-38 Lightning. It's really insired some great desings - CHECK IT OUT!

And of course I had to enter, especially since the P-38 is my all time favorite Warbird:
The SV-38 Vanguard came about after seeing some of the other great "classic space" type entries.

SV-38 Starfleet Vanguard

Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies - Set up a whole page dedicated to this subset of lego fun :)

Other Lego related things and stuff...

Here is a Lego Futron Monorail base and assorted ships I got in a "parts" auction on e-bay. It actually included 95% of TWO monorail bases and something like 6 other sets including a Blacktron Terrax. It was worth at least twice what I piad for it.

A Lego Mosaic attempt. Too bad I picked such a bad scale for this mosaic of Betty Page... ah well.

My Own Re-Creations Original Lego designs are often called "My Own Creation" or MOC's on Lugnet. I was in a quite a creative slump a while back and decided to reverse engineer other people's creations hoping for inspiration. It was an interesting and often frustrating experience, but definitely worthwhile. I dubbed these rip-offs "My Own Re-Creations". The Zadkiel and Red Streak were the only survivors of a mid winter deconstruction-fest. I kind of miss the Raziel, it sure was pretty, too bad it was so clumsy and fragile.

Other Great Lego Links:
More to come!

P.S. All I realy want is a woman who loves legos too...
Well that may be simplifying matters somewhat, but it would be nice :)

Found this pic somewhere deep iside The Reverend Brendan Powell Smiths website


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