KrellSys Relliant:
a study in flexibility

The Valerie

The Valerie

The Valerie











The Relliant, designed and created to be low cost alternative to the Warhawk II never made great inroads into GalSec, or any of the major military enforcement units. KrellSys on the verge of dissalution received an order of stripped down Relliants from an inner rim mercenary clan. The Grondon Clan rappidly became known as one of the most deadly forces in recent history, thanks in great part due to the workhorse qualities of the highly customisable Relliant.

KrellSys produces several hundred Relliants annually. All pre-sold custom contracts. Estimates indicate that most Relliants are further customised to suit thier (usually rich) clients. While many see duty in small militias, with clans, or as pirates, the most popular use is currently that of personal executive transport.

OddJobbers currently empolys two extremes of Relliant customisation.

The Valerie is pure stock Relliant EP complete with rapid refire turbolasers and twin particle projectors. The Valerie is an economical craft to pilot and is often the first choice of contractors in need of a temporary craft. Despite many inexperienced pilots the Valerie has survived seven years of hard service with hardly a scratch. A relative newcomer, Tonjal Moore currently is the current nominal pilot of the Valreie. While showing uncanny games skills Moore has much to learn before before he joins the strategoi, the Valerie should see him safely on his way up the ladder.

Enthan's Nodachi is barely recognisable as a Relliant at first glance. Underneath numerous propulsion, sensor, weaponry and "style" upgrades is a three year old Relliant HK. The HK (Hunter Killer) series accounts for one out of every three hundred Relliants, a deadly and outrageously expensive upgrade. Enthan was so influenced by his time in the Valerie he dedicated his earnings towards a Relliant of his own. An efficient tracker and bounty man Enthan can afford to continually upgrade his craft in which he takes great personal pride. While some consider his "style" modifications tackly and unnecessary, Enthan chooses to believe those people are simply jealous. As a former FedSys Rally Champion he's earned his attitude.

A sturdy dependable craft, the Relliant continues to be an excellent investment. As such, OddJobbers continues to enjoy it's early support and partial ownership of Krellsys.

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It's real contribution in terms of interastellar warfare lies in it's ease of control and customisation.
It seems to breed a particular type of pilot who understands the limitations of the craft completely and therefore know when to fight and when to run.
Essay on Light Intrastellar warcraft: Karffar Mindge

Enthan used to be a Rally pilot competing in system races. As a team champion he learned to stay on task for obscene periods of time through rapidly changing situations. That learned tenacity serves him well.
Archibald Winter - OddJobbers

The Val has been there and done all that. It's greatest trait seems to be bringing pilots back alive. Some chalk it down to luck...
Gibbis Hedji - OddJobbers systems maintinence assigned to the Valerie

We don't see many Relliants around the Garage but our upgrade packages are in constant demand.
Vera's Garage

Indeed the LX is very popular among certain knowladgable excutives. Not only will you cruise the system in style you're rewarded with saftey and an eminintly enjoyable ride.
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