Things: too big for Funkystuff

Sometimes rants, sometimes just sets of pictures, sometimes work related stress relief...

The Amazing Bunghole - beacause days of scanning pottery can make you go mad.
Dogs in Life Jackets - because some things make little sense, especially in a Google image search.
PurpleMonkey - because my friends are insane.
1998 in pictures, well, very few pictures but they are from 1998... I think.
Mike Yezek: Rock Hunter - a closer look at one of my odd friends.
Antisober - I said my friends were insane right?
2003 Pics - because I had to put them somewhere.
The Glorious Union of Brandon & Jen - because sometimes freinds get married.
Eating - stupid stupid Flash.
Furry Fury - Doctor Who + Furries = ???
Geos PI Pad - My dads swank pad

That's Not a Camera - My quest for a digital camera... and the side trip to wierdsville it took.

A Good party for No Reason - 07-27-04 - good people good cigars lots of booze :)
Sadies New Apartment - My grandomother is now officially livin' it up!
Jens Bday Bash 04 - Yay a party for Jen, a party for Jen!
Some Sunset Photos - gotta keep sperimentin wit da camera!
Sadies 80th Birthday Bash - happy B-day Grandma!
The Boulder - Nora Springs Iowa's very own Glacial Erratic


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